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Packaging Design | 3D Modeling | Brand Identity


Ayn & Getty Export is India’s leading cosmetics and healthcare company with a specialization in mass contract manufacturing.

  • The challenge :
    The client reach out to us with a requirement of designing a package for their product called Carol Cosmetics. As cosmetics and healthcare products got a tough competition in today's environment, package design has occupied a unique role in differentiating products from a wide range of similar cosmetic products.

  • Hence, we have to design their package such that it doesn't only differentiate their product from the rest of the shelve but also represents the desired message.
  • The Solution :
    As skincare product design is mostly associated with product properties such as moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreen, etc. Therefore, our priority was to select colors that should convey product characteristics.

  • Colors are suggested and got approved for triggering the desired responses.

  • We have worked with product rendering techniques to achieve our alluring packaging design goal
  • The result :
    We are assured that we successfully draw a package that communicates their expression and conveyed the message through the use of various factor such as color, material, texture, and styling.
  • Company Name

    Ayn & Getty Exports Pvt. Ltd

  • Project Date

    December 21 2019

  • Client

    Mayur Dalal

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  • Service

    Packaging Design | 3D Modeling | Brand Identity


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