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What is 3D visualization and its type explained!




  • When vision is clear, decision is always easier.

    3D visualization is the perfect illustration of this statement. Creating 3D visualization of your idea i.e., product design, interior & exterior architecture, event & exhibition, design etc. to give glimpse of end product will make actual building process faster and lot easier.

"Design adds value faster than it adds costs."

Joel Spolsky

  • 3D visualization has now become sensation in business world. Depending upon the need of one’s business 3D visualization types differ. Wil cover every type but let’s discuss what is 3D visualization first.

  • What is 3D visualization and why business world need it?

    The dictionary meaning for 3D visualization is 3D as an abbreviation of 3-dimensional (hight, width, length) and visualization is the representation of image of an object, situation or set of information as a chart or image.

    Let’s relate it in computing term, 3d visualization is 3-dimensional graphic of object (i.e. product), situation (i.e. event or exhibition) or set of information (i.e. game asset or character) created using 3D software.

    3D visualization (similar words used for it 3D designing, 3D rendering) help industries in various way form web designing to marketing, from sketching rough idea of a product to test product even before launching it. It helps you give a rich taste of how things that you sell will feel, look and behave in context of real world.

    The 3D visualization or 3D designing is achieved broadly in two processes modelling and rendering. When designer is complete with 3D sketches of model, is called 3D modelling, to add a realistic experience to sketches by adding sophisticated effects that simulate shadows, reflection and refraction is called rendering.

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Type of 3D visualization:

As 3D visualization is used in many industries, 3D visualization is classified depending on the industries it used in. Most common and widely used type are listed below:

  • 3D product designing

    3D product designing also known as 3d product modelling/rendering. 3D visualization is an excellent way to show stakeholders a prototype or a finished product.

    In terms of engineering, it allows developers to picture the future product in a real-world setting and collect data on potential flaws and risk, allowing them to better the development process by coming up with new designs and pursuing innovations.

    3D product presentation has the potential to make a product stand out in terms of marketing. A variety of products and visions are generated in 3D visualization prior to implementation, saving producers, manufacturers, and customers time and money.

    Apart from that, it allows us to watch the product from every angle and mark all of the product's features.

  • 3D architectural designing

    3D visualization is an essential feature in the world of architecture since it allows architects and designers to express and convey their ideas in a clear and understandable manner.

  • 3D interior designing/visualization

    It helps to visualize 3d image of internal space. You'll be able to see what your room looks like, just like you would in real life. You’re your client is planning to remodel their interior design; interior visualization comes in use.

    You'll be able to show a vision of how the furniture, textures, colours, lighting, and other interior objects will work together before the implementation, and you'll be able to adjust it at any time.

  • 3D exterior designing

    This type of project will demonstrate how exterior and architectural solutions will appear. Exterior visualization in 3D is an inextricable aspect of any architectural project and is extremely useful for planning and construction.

    It also helps you to show footage of particular material any external part like wood or bricks. You can also match whether the existing spaces fits your plan and where the window or door will seems look good. In summary, you will receive a 3D rendering of any part of the exterior.

  • 3D character designing

    3D character designing or modelling is a graphic designing technique that creates 3-dimensional representation of surface or an object. 3D characters rendering is one of the main functions that grabs and holds user attention in the game.

    It is a protocol of how it’s character look, act and response. You can accomplish every level of detail, be it simple sketches or precise photography.

    The benefit of 3d character over 2d character is you don’t have to redraw it for different position as it’s already had 3 dimensions.

  • Game assets

    Game assets, some may call it game content or game art. This includes game icons, character sprites, textures, game maps, and audio files, as well as all other game components created by designers rather than coders.

    It takes years of developers to create a profitable video game, by outsourcing any or many of the game elements, the developer can cut down their time and focus on real story. Outsourcing also helps you to enhance the designing part of your game as it includes the mind and ideas of other designers.

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