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Different types of logo explained with example

  • Are you planning to give an identification to your business? Then you must start with designing a logo for it.

    A logo is a symbol containing text and/or image helps people to identify your business. Logo is a primary identification element and has many importance over your business.

    When you consider designing a logo, you should be aware with the types of logos in order to design a best logo that make you stand out from the crowd.

    Here are the list of type of logo:

    • Lettermarks
    • Wordmarks
    • Letterform
    • Pictorial marks
    • Abstract logo
    • Mascots
    • Combination mark
    • Emblem
    • Dynamic mark

    This list can be classified into two categories as Name-based logo and Image-based logo

"The strongest logos tell simple stories."

Sol Sender
  • Name-based logo:

    Name-based logo types don’t include graphics or symbols in their designs, instead of relying on a powerful typefaces and colour palette. Let’s have a look on each type.

  • Lettermark
    this is the typography-based logo that make use of letters instead of any fancy image, hence font type become the major focus here.
    The challenge while designing a lettermark logo is to stand out while keeping the font simplicity.
    Examples of famous brand uses lettermark for their business are Cartoon Network (CN), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), International Business Machines (IBM)

  • Wordmark

    A wordmark or logotype, like a lettermark, is a font-based logo that focuses solely on a company's name. Consider the companies Oracle and Disney.
    In simple words, wordmark logos are companies name in a stylized typeface.
    Similar to lettermark, The power of wordmarks is in their typefaces, which means you can select a font that is extremely representative of your brand's personality - and your audience's attention will be drawn straight to your logo.
    Famous brands that use wordmark for their logos are
    Uber, Coca-Cola, Cadbury.

  • Letterform

    Very much alike to lettermark, it is a brand name initial or first letter of a brand name in a very stylish, consider MacDonalds’ golden M.
    As they're logos with one letter. Certainly, these logos should be powerful and appealing, as a letter alone should be able convey a clear message.
    Famous brands that use wordmark for their logos are
    WordPress, Netflix, Facebook

  • Image-Based logo:

    To convey the message about a brand through logo, this category makes use of picture and symbols. Let’s understand each type of logo which falls into this category.

  • Pictorial marks

    Pictorial marks, brand marks or some may call it logo symbol- are logos composed of a visual symbol or icon that (typically) represents a real-world object. Like a twitter’ bird.
    This is quite famous type of logo among brands and business. The most challenging part is to choose single image (real-world object) that represent your business, evoke emotion and must have meaning that somewhat related to your mission/vision.
    You can consider following brand while thinking about pictorial marks.
    Spotify, Apple, YouTube.

  • Abstract logo

    An abstract mark is a specific type of pictorial logo. It's an abstract geometric form that reflects your company, rather than a familiar real-world image like an apple or a bird.
    The abstract logo allows you to tap into creativity to conveys a big idea in an interesting shape. They are highly conceptual.
    Abstract logos are very renowned for service and technology businesses, but they are incredibly challenging to design correctly.
    Example of Abstract logos are,
    Airbnb, adidas, Vaio.

  • Mascots

    Mascots logo are the illustration of character or person that act as a visual representative of your brand.
    They are usually colourful, cartoonish, and entertaining. Mascot logos are the perfect option if you want to produce something unique to represent your brand.
    This cartoonish or fictional character will act as a brand ambassador of your business as KFC’s Colonel Sanders.
    You can think about brands such as
    Hootsuite, Reddit, Quaker

  • Combination mark

    The name is pretty self-explanatory, combination logos combine both images and words into their design. We can also consider it as a combination of wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot.
    Combination mark logos can feature any picture and word combination you want; for example, you can mix a letterform with a mascot, a monogram with an abstract image, or any other combination that appeals to you best.
    Some well-known combination logo includes,
    Burger King, Dove, Paypal.

  • Emblem

    An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon or any random shape. Like universities or government organization’s logo.
    An emblem mark is a great choice for any business who wants to stick with professionalism and traditionalism or want to seem reputed among audience.
    The biggest disadvantage of using it is lack of flexibility. If you use it on business card, then showing detailing on that small size may be challenging.
    Brands that use emblem styled logo are,
    Starbucks, Porsche, Liverpool.

  • Dynamic mark

    Dynamic marks are the new-age logo. Contradictory to all mentioned above logos, it’s font-text and colour combination can change with respect to context instead of using one standard logo universally.
    The best part of having dynamic mark is you can be creative as you want.
    This is the top choice of brands in entertainment, media and creative industry.
    You can take Nickelodeon, Google, FedEx.

  • Over to you!

    As mentioned, logo has huge impact of business branding. Hence, you must go with which describes your business message and nature appealingly as now you know every type of logo in depth.
    Do not limit your imagination while creating a logo for your business. If you get stuck, do not worry we are here to give you a hand on your logo.

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